Immune Support and More for Fall 2020

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Wellevate is our online resource for all the best immune support supplements. Try their Designs for Health ImmunoSpore, Doctor’s Best Immune Booster with Echi, Metagenics Immune Active, LifeSeasons Immuni-T, or TCM Zone TCM Immune Support granules.

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Mountain Meadow Herbs

Officially founded in 2001, Mountain Meadow herbs has since become an advocate and trusted source of superior health and natural healing.

Headquarters in Somers, Montana.

At their headquarters in Somers, Montana, fresh, pure extracts of individual herbs are made daily and combined into proprietary blends or formulas targeting and supporting specific organs and body systems. Their unique process for extracting herbs has been researched, tested, and developed over time so that the final result is a pure, golden gift from nature.

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Treasure of the East

For over 26 years, Treasure of the East has served the American TCM community, and especially the Chinese American TCM community, with over 500 varieties of single herbs and formulas.

500 varieties of single herbs and formulas.

The herbs were initially brought to the US by Dr. Ann Wang, CMD, LAc, a practicing acupuncturist in New York State and former faculty member at China’s Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, for her own patients. However, demand grew rapidly by word-of-mouth in the Chinese American TCM community and the Treasure of the East brand was born.

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dome Beauty

Meet the world’s first 360-degree clean color cosmetics line: dome BEAUTY. Celebrating beauty from an inclusive and healthy perspective, dome BEAUTY is dedicated to providing integrated clean beauty solutions throughout your entire makeup journey from the tools used to the ingredients to the packaging.

Clean color cosmetics

dome BEAUTY features an expertly crafted collection of clean color cosmetics with a curated range of perfectly pigmented shades that harmonize with varying skin tones and undertones, all while providing long-lasting wear with incredible color payoff. You won’t find a more beautiful, clean line of beauty products that is uniquely designed for you.

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WellFuture started in 2010 because they wanted something more from nutritional supplements. They wanted the same thing from their supplements that you expect from food- to know where the ingredients came from, how the ingredients were grown, and what processing was used in production. What WellFuture did not want in their products turned out to be as important as what they did want in their supplements.

No preservatives, fillers, binders, emulsifiers, drying agents, magnesium stearate, coloring, flavors, or sugar.

Their products have no preservatives, fillers, binders, emulsifiers, drying agents, magnesium stearate, coloring, flavors, sugar or anything added, only the ingredients listed on the label. They have made it their business to provide the wisdom of nature for the health of your whole family. WellFuture created their products for their family and are proud to share them with yours!

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New Products – Fall 2020

Biogaia Protectis Baby Drops w. Vitamin D

Desert Essence Soothing Shampoo

Designs for Health ImmunoSpore

Doctor’s Best Immune Booster with Echi

EuroMedica Andrographis EP80 Ex Strength

Host Defense Elderberry Plus Syrup

Jigsaw Health Pickleball Cocktail Orange

LifeSeasons Immuni-T

Metagenics Immune Active

Neurohacker Qualia Night Optimized Sleep

Passport to Organics Blue Water Eye Cream

Quicksilver Hemp-AX

TCM Zone TCM Immune Support granules

Source Naturals Wellness Herbal Kids

Vital Nutrients Ultra Pure Fish Oil 1000

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Toilet Paper- the key to preventing COVID-19

Toilet Paper- the key to preventing COVID-19

So, the COVID-19 coronavirus is most likely going to be in your community in the next few weeks if it isn’t already and I am repeatedly being asked by patients what they can do to protect their families besides stocking up on toilet paper.  The biggest thing that we...

Meditation for Mental Health

Meditation for Mental Health

Over the past month, I have seen a surge of patients presenting with anxiety and/or depression in my practice. “I am so scared, scared to go out, scared to be home alone, scared of how I am going to pay my bills, and scared that my family members and friends could die in the next few weeks. I don’t know what to do,” said one patient recently.

A regular meditation practice can help create healthier thought patterns.

Sleep Initiation, Sleep Latency, or Both?

Sleep Initiation, Sleep Latency, or Both?

Common supplements that can help with sleep initiation are melatonin, valerian root, passionflower and lemon balm. Common supplements that can help with sleep latency are glycine and l-theanine. Honokiol or dihydrohonokiol-B (DHHb), derived from magnolia bark, can work for both.

Welcome to Functional Medicine

Welcome to Functional Medicine

This site is about natural cures prescribed by MD’s for multiple chronic medical problems, low energy, and weight loss. These from and Integrative and Functional Medicine viewpoint. I started this site because in my clinical practice I can only see a handful of patients, but as multiple patients, friends, colleagues, and random people that ask me medical questions because they know I’m a doctor have said to me “how come none of my other doctors ever told me that?”

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