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Health Optimization Blue Print Package

Complete Hormone Testing Kit

  • IgG Food Sensitivity Testing
  • DNA Diet Test
  • DNA Health Test
  • DNA Sport Test
  • DNA Mind Test
  • Results will be reviewed in one 30 minute appointment with Kinder Fayssoux MD.
  • You will be provided with a customized Blue Print for Optimal Health.
  • Includes one 15 minute phone appointment for follow up questions.


Hormone Balancing


Health Optimization


I was crying over nothing, my muffin top was getting bigger even though I was exercising harder and I wasn’t feeling like me at all….Dr. Fayssoux recommended genetic testing to find out the best diet for my body and that along with doing an elimination diet to reset my system and then adding Bio-Identical hormones made me feel like I was ten years younger.


I was struggling with severe menopause symptoms. By working with Dr Fayssoux's plan and getting highly detailed lab reports, she showed me exactly what nutrients and supplements I needed to balance my hormones and health. Dr. Fayssoux’s approach of utilizing not only appropriate prescriptions, but also nutritional supplements, and changing my diet has been highly effective. My menopause symptoms have disappeared and I feel like myself again, only better.


I came to see Dr. Fayssoux because I was overweight, on hypertension medication, and had just been started on cholesterol medication. Her approach was so different and I came to find out I had a lot of food sensitivities that were probably making it hard for me to lose weight. And I love the testing she did and she was able to show me that my hormones were not my problem. I stuck with her recommendations and though they were tough at first, I lost over 40 pounds and it has stayed off for 2 years because with her help I changed my lifestyle. An added bonus is I got off all my medications!


Weight Loss